東篠航一郎 – Higashino Kouichirou | 稀代のトリックスター、心と音楽を操る奇術師

【Illusion Div.】
Illusionist, Mentalist
Age 24, 179 cm, 62 kg

The Illusionist・Mentalist of CYGNUS.CC. The main character of this work. Nickname: 「Navi」※

​​A taciturn and brilliant young man, Navi passed the CYGNUS.CC’s entrance exams with the highest scores in the company’s history. As he doesn’t deal very well with boredom, Navi has the habit of sticking his nose into and solving troublesome matters he discovers around him. In fact, this same habit resulted in him joining CYGNUS.CC.

​From Musical Conductor to Musical Illusionist

​​From an early age, Navi has been raised traveling around the world with his foster parent, a famous musician. As a child, he used to behave very maturely in order to not burden his parent. However, constantly challenging himself, setting the bar higher and higher, left an emptiness in his heart. By immersing himself into the world of music, space engineering, problem-solving, aiding people etc… the lonely boy with little words tried to communicate with the world around him and fill the emptiness.

The day of his 20th birthday, Navi learns of the mysterious death of his biological mother. In his quest to uncover the truth, he joins CYGNUS.CC. Originally, Navi had applied for the Musical Performance Division as he had previous musical experience. He was a conducting major from a music academy in Paris. However, his extraordinary wit and intelligence were not left unnoticed, and he was instead placed in the “The Illusionist Division”; a flamboyant guise for the company’s “Secret Intelligence Division.”

​From the CYGNUS.CC’s aloof Ace Magician, to the company’s troublesome NEET.

After his 1 year training, he was assigned to work as a private magician to a number of influential individuals. Whilst performing his magic shows he stealthily executed his actual mission namely, that of information gathering–

​​Navi delivered flawless work. However, it was hard for him to find compromise with the Division’s underhanded and selfish methods that seemed to value only the results that elicit the most benefit for the company.
​​ One day, he was ordered to “deceive a target,” he disobeyed and decided to solve the case using his own methods. As a result, he was punished and suspended from all professional activities.

​Joining Dance Division III and becoming… a woman?

Since he was officially suspended from all professional activities. In other words, sentenced to become a company NEET, his road towards uncovering the truth behind his mother’s death was obstructed. Not receiving any assignments, nor permission to leave the ship Navi fell into a period of boredom. This period might have been the hardest for him to endure. As to relieve at least some of it, he passed his days exploring the ship looking for small incidents to solve.

One day, during one of his explorations, he learned that Dance Division III’s Lieutenant, Sunnie Ling, got burned during an accident on-stage. Falling into his usual habit of sticking his neck into these kind of matters, he went in to solve the incident. He ended up saving Sunnie Ling and her performance… as her body double?!
Navi got himself involved in the one job he should have avoided at all costs. Now, he was to wear female clothes and perform as her stand-in?!

​​Navi’s faithful encounter with a certain girl…

​​After this incident, he was selected as Sunnie’s official partner. As to keep his real identity a secret, Navi decided to go by the identity of Rainy Lan. A mysterious silver-haired beauty.

To celebrate the start of CYGNUS.CC’s tour in Japan, a party was held after the arrival of the ship in Yokohama. It was there that Navi, as Rainie Lan, met Hibari for the first time. Noticing how Hibari seemed to deeply fear men, Navi realised that she had been receiving ill-treatment by the men around her. His heart went out to the girl and he thereby decided that he wanted to save her. ​​Hibari on the other hand, still believing her saviour to be female, allows Navi to get close to her and as their relationship deepens, she starts to develop feelings for him…

​​Oblivious to the consequences, Navi offers her his hand… triggering the start of their final play, one that will end in a miserable tragedy.

※Nickname: The name “Navi” comes from Navi’s Japanese name “Kouichirou.” The character「航」, read as “Kou,” carries the meaning of “Navigation.” Since Navi’s non-Japanese speaking friends found it hard to remember his name, they decided to call him “Navi” instead. For the purpose of keeping up the world-view we have decided to also call him “Navi” in the English translations.














​​※幼少期に暮らした欧州では「航一郎」という名前は珍しく、周囲の友人には覚えにくかった。そのため「航」を意味する “Navigation”になぞらえた「Navi(ナヴィ)」の愛称で呼ばれるようになった。

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