Le départ : English Announcement

To all passengers on-board, this is an announcement from the reception, welcome to the CYGNUS international cruise 「CHANT DU CYGNE.」

This on-board announcement will be broadcasted in several languages, upon boarding the ship you might have noticed that you have all received small accessories. These will function as your translation devices during your stay. You are free to set the translators to the language of your choice.

Welcome to the main ship of CYGNUS Corporation’s performing arts division ”CHANT DU CYGNE.”

We have left Shanghai today and are currently cruising the East China Sea.
The 10th of July at 9:00 am, the ship will be arriving in the harbour of Yokohama.
From then on, for an entire year, we will be cruising Japan as well as the rest of East Asia.

Today we will sail for the entire day.
After brunch you will be able to enjoy our artists’ performances on stage. We have also prepared a variety of other events including workshops and the like for you to enjoy during or after the main performance. We hope you will enjoy and treasure this dazzling experience CYGNUS has provided for you.

The introductions of the musical programs for each division, information about the cast, and adjusted reception for each membership class will be broadcasted through your mobile device. This information is accessible at any moment in time.

The main performance of today will be an orchestral performance by the musical performance division, held on Deck nr. 6, Hall C. The curtains will be raised at 14:00 after lunch. The evening performance will be “Lunar Maria” by the opera division. The curtains for this performance will raise at 20:00 on Deck 6, Hall A.

The seats for the performance of dance division III’s 「PERFECTION」 at 16:00 today will prioritise guests with a V-Class membership. We would like to ask V-Class members to go to Deck 7, Hall B, where we have special seats prepared for you to enjoy the performance. For enquiries and reservations please go to the reception hall.

It is also possible to watch the performance of 「PERFECTION」live in Virtual Reality by using the mobile devices you are already carrying. This is not limited to guests on board or CYGNUS mobile devices. As long as you are in possession of a supporting device you will be able to share the experience with everyone else.

In addition, we have prepared a cruise ticket and various other novelties and presents for the winners amongst those who have played the music game on our CYGNUS App.For those who were selected, there are also a range of privileges attached, so definitely participate and who knows, you could be next!

Well then, ladies and gentlemen, we hope you will enjoy your stay on CYGNUS international cruise 「CHANT DU CYGNE.」

We, of CYGNUS Corporation, wish you a safe and unforgettable trip.



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